Corporate Solutions

We significantly reduce the learning curve for new entrants into your organization or those progressing to management positions. With our training, your staff quickly gain the relevant accounting and finance skills and confidence to contribute to the performance of your organization.

Professional Development


In our experience, there is often a disconnect between the training in the classroom and the skills required in the workplace. The training offered by Insight Partners Africa introduces participants to actual accounting work and the software used in companies. The training is organised around short courses and significantly reduces the learning curve for people starting their careers in accounting or progressing to management level positions.

Insights to action Projects



Our Insights to Impact projects support companies in implementing actionable insights gained from our training programs into the organisation. 

Tax Advisory & Compliance



We provide a wide range of tax advisory and compliance services . We pride ourselves in having good relationships with Zambia Revenue Authority, who are the implementing partners for tax laws and policy in Zambia.

Upcoming Workshops & Webinars

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Know Your Tax Workshop

Highly Engaging

Our flagship Know Your Tax Workshop (currently in Lusaka & Copper-belt only) is an annual tax training program designed to assist companies to implement major tax changes announced in the annual national budget. Tax experts from Zambia Revenue Authority and invited guests from the Ministry of Finance and National Planning are present at these workshops. 

Insight Partners Africa offers a unique and highly engaging way to learn vital business concepts. Our programs are designed to ensure your training needs are met, and are built around three key pillars: participateengage, and ask- PEA! 

In-house Training

All of our training’s are available for in-house training for groups starting at 20 people or more. In-house training provides a more personal, tailored approach to meeting your training needs. We consult with you regarding your organisation’s needs and work with industry experienced presenters and facilitators to create a unique training solution that meets your desired outcomes.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Many of our clients use in-house training courses to meet the CPD needs of their professionally qualified accountants.

Training venue

We can source a suitable local venue for you within your budget. Would you like to provide your own venue? We can provide training at your office or provided space by our clients.

Training equipment

Our trainers have all their own training equipment to deliver their courses. If you have a data projector and flip chart, then great. If not, we can provide.

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