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Mentorship is available within the Ndalama Insights Business Show Facebook group on Facebook. Group members can choose their mentorship partner and get one-on-one support from another group member. Mentorship can last up to 10 weeks. Once completed, you’ll still be able to see everything you and your partner shared.

About Our Mentorship Program

The purpose of our mentorship program is to tap into the existing knowledge, skills, and experience of experts appearing on the Ndalama Insights Business Show and transfer these skills or knowledge to less experienced businesses in order to grow their business.

Mentorship provides a way for people in search of support and advice to connect with people who have the expertise or experience to help

Here’s How it works

*Share what you need help with, talk about the kind of support you need.

Signing Up

Group members can sign up to be a mentor or a mentee by creating a profile indicating what kind of support they seek or how they might be able to provide support.

All group members can see these answers and start a mentorship conversation with you in Messenger. 


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Mentors connect with small businesses and individuals for a 10 week period and provide indepth insights and support to the business owner so as to help them grow.

No. This is voluntary. We very much appreciate your contribution and know that you will find fulfillment through these relationships. 

It depends on your time and plan you create with the mentees. We do hope however, that you can do a minimum of 10 weeks.

As many as you can manage. As a minimum we hope you can at least assist the business owner whose issue you had discussed in the interview.

See how you can get involved

Some of Our Mentors

Ross Kasikili

Founder and Director of Abbeywood Freight and Logistics

Mwaba Ngenda

Personal Finance Consultant

Mr. Thomas Banda

CEO-BS Management Consultants

How Do I Find a Mentor?

The following steps will help you get started with signing up for mentorship as a mentee. The steps are also appicable for those offering to mentor. If you sign up, you’ll also be contacted by group members who want to mentor you, and you can decide if you want that person to mentor you.


Sign Up

From the Ndalama Insights facebook group, click Mentorship in the left menu and click  Find a Mentor.



Add some information about yourself and the topics you need help with then tap Submit.


Request Mentor

You can search for a mentor by looking at the list of people that have already signed up to offer help.

Once you’re paired with a mentor you’ll be connected in a Messenger chat.

Looking For a Mentor?

Join the Ndalama Insights Mentorship program on Facebook and follow the steps above to find your mentor.