The ndalama Insights Meet-up

Lets meet and Share

The Ndalama Insights Meet Up is a free quarterly networking event that is exclusive to the followers of the show. The meet up brings entrepreneurs, both aspiring and already established together with the featured guests and experts in one room for more interaction and engagement. It provides a platform for listeners to meet with the host and experts that feature on the Ndalama insights business show. These key players network and engage with each other in person.

Features &  Activities

Expert Discussions

This is an expert panel discussion, involving a group of guests & experts who've appeared on the show, to discuss a topic in front of the audience. The panel include the host as a moderator who guides the discussion and elicits audience questions.

Success Stories

These are motivating stories of listeners who have successfully applied the insights and solutions offered by the host and experts on the show in their business.

1 On 1 Help

Attendees engage with the guests that inspired them.

Free T-shirts

All attendees get a free "I love the Ndalama Insights Business Show" t-shirt. Prior registration is required to get the t-shirt.

Games & Engagment

Attendees interact with the guests through a game branded "Who Said It". This game covers quotes from the guests appearance on the show


Enjoy a light snack as you engage and network with fellow listeners and guests.

Next Events

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10th july 2020

online meet-up-zoom

Join  our Online Meetup. Attended conveniently from your desk.  As always, this is an interactive discussion where the community benefits greatly from the shared insights all participants bring to the discussion.

Please submit your challenge form before 5th June.

Seats are limited so book early to avoid disappointment. The link to access the virtual meeting room will be emailed to the registered attendees before the event so make sure to RSVP here!

We are looking forward to seeing you again and meeting new members!

5th dec 2020

government complex

We hope to revert back to in-person meet-up by Dec 2020. We plan to hold this event at the New Government Complex, as we did with our first meet-up last November.

Please complete the registration form below, as limited space is available.

The guests

Mr. Alinani Simuchimba

Co-Founder of Flair Technologies Limited.

Mr. Thomas Banda

CEO-BS Management Consultants.

Mr. Tionge Nyirenda

Managing Consultant-Cerebra Zambia

Past Events

Event highlights from past meet-ups

6th march 2020


The 2nd meet-up event was held at the Mulunguish Village, in Lusaka. There were close to 30 attendees and regular listeners of the Ndalama Insights Business Show. Also in attendance were 7 guests that had provided valuable insights between January to March.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend this event?

This event is meant for entrepreneurs both aspiring and already established. 

What time does the event start and end?

The event starts at 08hrs in the morning and ends at 12hrs in the afternoon, with an hour tea break provided at 10hrs.


Is there a Fee to this event?

No this is a free event that is aimed at bringing entrepreneurs and industry experts together.

What is the dress code?

The recommended dress code is business casual, though we welcome all fashion choices!

Do you serve lunch at this event?

No, but we do serve cold and hot drinks accompanied with a snack.

I have a question that is not here, here who can i contact?

For further enquiries you can  email: or call 0211 297 050

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