We work with businesses from diverse backgrounds and industries.

What We do

Insight Partners Africa is not like your traditional accounting firm, we provide support at different stages of your business development and play a number of diverse roles within your organization. Our approach helps companies acquire the necessary financial management skills that enable continued growth and sustainability. 

We offer a wide range of professional development courses and programs to help professionals develop new skills and new ways of thinking that will make you become a valuable skilled advisor in your company. Our Insights to Impact projects support companies in implementing actionable insights gained from our training programs into the organisation. 

who we work with

We work with individuals, corporations, and business owners who seek our expertise in business development, practical accounting skills, and tax compliance. We are guided by our values and ethics and always aspire to deliver the best solutions for our clients. We constantly provide timely and relevant business insights through our various platforms and facilities.

For Accountants

Working in an accounting department but are not exposed to all areas of accounting and those that lack experience in accounting.


That want to significantly reduce the learning curve for people starting their careers in accounting or progressing to management level positions. ​

For SMEs

That want to get a better and deeper understanding of their information and use it to make informed decisions that push them closer to success.

For any inquiries please email

If you want to request for any services or you have further inquiries, please contact us on [email protected] or call +260-0211-297050