Insight Partners Africa is not like your traditional accounting firm, we provide support at different stages of your business development and play a number of diverse roles within your organisation. Our approach helps companies acquire the necessary financial management skills that enables continued growth and sustainability. We offer three core services.


Business Owners

We offer a wide range of professional development courses and programs to help professionals develop new skills and new ways of thinking that will make you become a valuable skilled advisor in your company. Our Insights to Impact projects support companies in implementing actionable insights gained from our training programs into the organisation. 

We are your partner in developing new skills and new ways of thinking for a high performing organisation.

We create strong foundations for your business by focusing on the systems that matters the most. Through our cloud based accounting and marketing services, we ensure your business is not only profitable but sustainable.


We are your partner in developing strong foundations for sustainable business growth.

We commit to deliver service of the highest quality and within agreed timelines

Innovative Thinking

We are always looking for ways to improve our service delivery and quality in order to realize our full potential. This is why we are always open to push boundaries and reframe existing thinking.


It is our belief that the best results can be achieved only by the combined team effort for cooperative work between the client and our team.

Outstanding performance

We deliver the highest quality and most effective solutions for our clients. 

Open Communication

To achieve outstanding performance we appeal for open actions and establishing true, transparent communications built on trust and understanding. This allows us to offer the most appropriate advice, taking into account the client’s long-term business goals

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