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The Ndalama Insights business show provides valuable insights that can help you overcome challenges you are facing right now or expect to face in your business journey.

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What problem is giving you sleepless nights in your business today?

If you’ve got a question, challenge, or need support on a whole range of business issues, you can turn to us for guidance and support. We offer practical insights and mentorship support through our highly experienced experts and entrepreneurs that we host on our show each week.

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Expert Guests

 We will find you a suitable guest with the right experience and skills to provide practical insights and solutions to the obstacle preventing you from growing your business or taking the necessary steps you need to take to move your business forward.

Mentorship Platform

We have a mentorship platform in place for you to connect with the guest for more in-depth knowledge and skills transfer, enabling you to overcome your challenges and start moving towards the attainment of your goals.


We will provide you with an opportunity to meet with your mentor/guest and other like-minded business owners who are on the same journey as you.

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Find answers to questions commonly asked

No we don’t give loans. We support SMEs through free insights and knowledge from our guests who appear on the Ndalama Insights Business show. 

The Ndalama Insights Business Show is funded by Insight Partners Africa. This is our contribution to turning SMEs into the real engine of the Zambian economy. Since 2016, we have funded the production, airing and meet-ups for this program. We are in the process of looking for sponsors. If you know a an organisation who shares our vision let us know.

We try to cover all the challenges we receive in the quarter following the meet-up. We shall communicate via phone call when your issue will be discussed on the show.

The best way to keep updated is by joining the Ndalama Insights Business Show Facebook group. We always post, upcoming issues and guests. 

ZNBC has nation wide coverage. Our goal is to reach as many people and business owners as we can. We believe knowledge is a resource that must be shared to all.

No. Our work is voluntary. Should you want to contribute towards our work, please contact us and we shall advise.

Yes we do! Check our podcast page right on this website. You can even download and listen anytime, anywhere.

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