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Insight Partners Africa provides actionable insights that drive profitable business performance through our offering of practical finance training courses as well as business and tax advisory services for businesses in a wide range of industries.

For Accountants

Sharpen your accounting skills and enhance your career with our wide range of finance training courses.  With the right skills and practical experience in all areas of accounting, you will be able to take control of your career and nothing or no one will stop you from achieving your goals.

For businesses

The training offered by Insight Partners Africa significantly reduces the learning curve for new entrants into your organization or those progressing to management positions. With our training, your staff quickly gain the skills and confidence to contribute to the performance of your organization.

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A wide range of business and tax advisory services that ensures the success and growth of your business



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Managing Cash Flow in a Crisis



Discover Proven Strategies to Unlock Cash Flow and Keep Your Business Afloat in a Crisis.

In this book, you will discover various strategies used by financial professionals and small businesses to safeguard their companies from insolvency in a crisis. By effectively applying the principles in this book, you will:


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