Unlock the Power of ChatGPT for Effortless Work (Work Smarter, Not Harder)

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Unlock the Power of ChatGPT for Effortless Work

Unless you’re living under a rock and you haven’t heard of this virtual assistant, is it here to take over the world? Is it going to take over Google? Is it going to take over the internet? What is ChatGPT? In this article, I’m going to share with you productivity tools, specifically ChatGPT, and how it’s going to help you become much more productive.

Recently I shared an article about not just being comfortable with our current jobs but also thinking about side hustles. I mentioned that very soon, our jobs are going to be taken over by artificial intelligence, and there are also a lot of other developments in robotics that are going on. Today, I’m going to share with you ChatGPT, which actually brings to reality what I was talking about last week.

Now, ChatGPT is a language technology that encompasses artificial intelligence, as well as robotics. So the two things are working together to help you with your research, and for me, even just with my entire work. So for me, in terms of productivity, ChatGPT is the robot research engine that I’ve always been looking out for. I want us to see what ChatGPT is and how it’s going to upskill your productivity to a different level.

We’re no longer going back to manual, as I keep saying, even when it comes to cloud-based accounting software. I keep saying we’re not going back to the traditional desktop accounting packages.

What is ChatGPT?

Well, ChatGPT is like a search engine that is based on language. It’s very interactive. When you type in any query that you have into ChatGPT, it will respond to you as though you are talking to somebody. For me, it’s as though I’m talking to a colleague, a workmate, or my assistant. So, you can ask ChatGPT any question, and it’s going to give you specific responses. Unlike Google, when we are doing research, for example, if I’m doing research on a presentation or a workshop that I’m going to conduct, I am going to go through different articles, books, and a lot of information, whereas ChatGPT, is specific when it gives you the results. It’s targeted at that particular topic, and the more detailed you are with your question, the clearer the response ChatGPT gives you.

ChatGPT was developed by OpenAI, and it’s taking over the world, for reals. In terms of the number of subscribers, right now, it’s overtaking TikTok. It’s overtaken Instagram in its first few months. It’s less than three months, and it’s got millions of subscribers already. Right now, it’s overloaded with requests. Sometimes you can’t even get a response because so many people are on this application trying to see how they can utilize it to upskill their productivity.

ChatGPT works like a virtual assistant for you. Can you imagine how exciting that is? So, for content creators like myself, who produces YouTube videos, as well as do presentations and workshops on various topics, ChatGPT is a great tool that will enable me to do research that is targeted and focused and give me the best results that I can get. Even for your business, for those that have businesses and you’ve got frequently asked questions from your customers, you can use ChatGPT to create the frequently asked questions and specific responses to those questions and upload that on your website. Basically, ChatGPT is an assistant, regardless of what industry you are in. You could be a carpenter, a doctor, a consultant, or anybody. It’s a very useful tool.

So, that is what ChatGPT is able to do for you. It’s really, for me, going to change my workspace.

Your expertise is still relevant

Now, in order for you to utilize ChatGPT effectively, a lot of knowledge is actually required on the specific topic you’re talking about. You can’t just ask a machine, which is knowledgeable, by the way, but it cannot exceed your intelligence as a human being. That’s something you always need to remember when it comes to artificial intelligence as well as robotics. They can’t beat you. Your brain far exceeds any robot or AI machine or engine out there.

Having said that, ChatGPT, though comprehensive and with a lot of data, is still in development, by the way. I can imagine how huge it’s going to be in the next two years. Now, as much as it’s got specific information, you also need to be knowledgeable on a specific topic subject for you to get that application or to produce the article or content that you want to produce that is meaningful without errors. Because sometimes the responses it’s giving you are good but with errors. For example, I did research on value-added tax in Zambia, and it was quoting me rates like 15%, and it was giving me capital gains tax rates. Those are not applicable to Zambia. So you still have to be an expert in your specific industry for you to utilize this.

It’s like I always say about leakages. We’ve got so many young people that want to get leakages to pass their school examinations. But even if you get leakage, if you don’t understand how to apply it, you will not be able to crack it even in the final exam. So even if you had a leakage, you still need to have an awareness of what you are trying to do to utilize that leakage properly. And for me, this is what ChatGPT tells me. It’s an application, it’s a productivity tool, but it will not take over your intelligence. I dispute that entirely. So even though we have all this information, even though we have this app, we still need to have knowledge in our specific areas of training or industries and all of that.

Just think about what ChatGPT means for students, the ones that do a lot of research. If you’re studying for a Ph.D. or a Master’s, do you know how easy it now becomes to conduct research and write a research paper? Now all you need to do is log into ChatGPT and punch in a question, speak to it. One thing you need to do with ChatGPT is talk to it. If it’s not giving you the responses that you want, ask it to clarify or give you more examples. So just imagine how life-changing this is for students.

Already we have many students who pay others to conduct research for them. I’ve always believed that this is unethical and that they won’t learn anything by having someone else write a research paper for them. However, with Chat GPT, students can now conduct research papers almost for free, as long as they take the time to do the right thing and get the correct information. Nevertheless, you still need to be familiar with the topic to save the information that the robot is providing. However, the robot is very intelligent.

So, how does Chat GPT work?

To use Chat GPT, you’ll need to go to openai.com, log in with your credentials, and then navigate to the Chat GPT page. Once you’re there, you’ll see a chat box that will enable you to start your research.

Think about what you’d like to research using Chat GPT. The first search that I’d like us to do is what Chat GPT can do for you in your current career. When you log in, type in “What can Chat GPT do for me in my current career?”For example, I want to find out how ChatGPT can improve the productivity of an accountant. You can do the same for your own profession.

These are some of the suggested points for an accountant:

  • Generating financial reports and statements, including balance sheets and income statements
  • Helping with tax preparation by providing guidance on tax laws and regulations
  • Offering support with bookkeeping, such as tracking expenses and reconciling accounts

ChatGPT is definitely a productivity tool that is going to help you in any area of your business. It doesn’t matter what you do. For me specifically, ChatGPT is going to help me in terms of researching my articles, presentations, and materials that I use for workshops and training. It’s going to help me become much more productive with the production of my YouTube content. It’s going to help me produce very effective Ndalama Insights Radio Programs. It’s going to help me in so many ways that I’m actually not going to employ as many people as I had intended to employ at the beginning of the year. This is how effective and productive this tool is for me in terms of productivity.

It is an app, a tool that you should utilize to upskill your productivity to the next level.

Will ChatGPT Take Over Your Job?

For those who fear this technology, because it’s a huge development in terms of technology, you might fear that it will take over your job. Well, it could, but this is what I was saying in my previous article. You can find other ways to utilize technology so that your job is not overtaken by artificial intelligence. You can also start thinking about other things to do to earn extra income for your life.

So, this is what I wanted to share in today’s article. So you can test ChatGPT out in your areas of work. Are you an artist? Are you a sales and marketing person? Are you a medical doctor? It doesn’t matter what you do. Log into Chat GPT, go to openai.com, and utilize this Chat GPT app to see how it can help you in terms of your productivity in your work.

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