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The Ndalama Insights Business Show was launched 21st June 2016. It is a business show that is produced and owned by Insight Partners Africa, a firm of accountants and business advisers.

The show is a platform that provides solutions to challenges and hurdles faced by businesses at different levels of growth. We discuss issues that affect businesses with different experts and industry practitioners. The show is beneficial to individuals wanting to understand how a business operates and for them to be more productive. 


Shows Produced

The show is aired on ZNBC Radio 4 with nation wide coverage twice a week. You can also listen to podcasts from our website.



We host different experts and entrepreneurs on the show. These provide  insight into key issues affecting small business owners in Zambia.



We have a collection of episodes covering different issues that business owners face along the journey of entrepreneurship. We have covered issues that affect start-up and growing businesses. Our topics also appeal to individuals working in different business sectors.

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We have hosted many successful entrepreneurs and business experts. From Fisho Mwale to David KombeInutu ZaloumisRoss KasikiliChristian Chileshe and many more. You can tap into their knowledge and insights through our 10 week mentorship program.


Meet Up

A free quarterly networking event exclusive to the followers of the show. The meet up is a platform for listeners to meet with the host and experts that feature on the Ndalama insights business show. You get to network and engage with fellow listeners and guests other in person.

Are you facing a challenge in your business and need support?

Let us know today. Complete the SME business Challenge questionnaire and you will be on your way to finding solutions, receiving mentor-ship support and hanging around with like-minded entrepreneurs. We will find you a suitable guest with the right experience and skills to provide practical insights and solutions to the obstacle preventing you from growing your business or taking the necessary steps you need to take to move your business forward.


Every week we provide insights to help you tackle challenges you may be facing in your business. Through different experts and entrepreneurs we uncover insights that helps you develop new ways of thinking resulting in a sustainable and profitable business.

Do you want to share your knowledge and insights to help struggling businesses overcome their challenges?

Join our net work of guests & experts

From Fisho Mwale to David KombeInutu ZaloumisRoss KasikiliChristian Chileshe and
many more, join our network of guests and together we can offer the most practical insights to assist small businesses improve their business productivity, increase their revenues and most importantly, attain their goals and become the true engines of our economy.

Meet the Host

Ms. Mukonki Mukonkela


Mukonki was inspired to start the Ndalama Insights business show in 2016 to share knowledge with business owners who are just starting or growing their business and are struggling to get answers to challenges they may be facing in their business.

She believes with the right insights and skills you can overcame any obstacle on your way. And so the Ndalama insights business show was inspired from this belief.

She not only shares her own personal experiences and skills, she also draws on the experiences of entrepreneurs and experts who have walked the path of entrepreneurship and business.

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